Above & BEYOND Award Winners

Do you know an associate that has gone above and beyond to demonstrate teamwork, commitment and hospitality? If so, make sure they receive the recognition they deserve by nominating them for an Above & BEYOND Award.

March 2020 Award Winners:

Patricia Spencer – Ascension St. Joseph’s, Retail Cook
Iketa White – Ascension Providence, Patient Safety Attendant
Jim Shadburne, Saint Thomas, Assistant Director, Dining Services


Patricia Spencer – Ascension St. Joseph’s, Retail Cook
When Patricia joined our team from another account, we learned that she’s involved in several community-based programs. For example, she participates in the Blanket of Love program, which counsels expecting mothers in what to anticipate when their newborn arrives, along with continuing support and education after the birth and through the first few years. They also provide baby baskets and assistance applying for WIC programs.

Patricia also sponsors an annual mammogram bus and mini health fair through her church for the community, as well as being a liaison for her church’s urban wellness initiative. Finally, she’s part of the “StrongBaby” sanctuary – an organization geared towards reducing the exceptionally high infant mortality rate within our urban communities throughout the city of Milwaukee. Patricia’s passion for serving and helping others exemplifies our mission.


Iketa White – Ascension Providence, Patient Safety Attendant 
Iketa acted as an advocate for a patient that is both autistic and nonverbal. Since he was a previous patient, Iketa took the time to get a copy of his files. This helped the charge nurse give him the best care possible. Also, since the patient arrived through the Emergency Department, he found the room very small and the lack of restrooms inside the room confusing.

Being in new surroundings, the patient would have an accident on the floor. Iketa believed that a bedside commode would help, but the nurses disagreed. Her persistence paid off, and once the bedside commode was brought to the room, the patient used it every time. Iketa’s ability to think outside the box, combined with her caring and compassionate nature, has made this patient’s stay with us better by making accommodations to fit his needs. Iketa lives by the TouchPoint standard of “Compassion at every point of human contact,” and she shows it every day!


Jim Shadburne – Saint Thomas, Assistant Director, Dining Services 
While Jim was not directly affected by the tornado that hit the Nashville area several weeks ago, many of his associates were. Jim spent most of his days off visiting the communities that were most impacted and doing everything he could to help. He cleared debris, served food, and helped to lay tarps. Jim showed his team and peers how much he cares.

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